HomeBot : Device for the Elderly and Differently-Abled


HomeBot is mainly focused on the elderly and the Differently-Abled. It consists of an Android App and an iot chip(esp8266) which is used to toggle home appliances. When the Button in the Android app is toggled, it sends a http request which toggles the home appliances. It can also be used to control existing Iot Devices like Nest thermostat, etc

How does it work?

When the user toggles the button, The android sends a http put request which changes the variable of the corresponding device. When the Variable is updated to 0 or 1, The Esp8266 toggles corresponding digital pin on or off which triggers the relay shield which turns the home appliances on and off.

My name is Yash Desai. I am 17. currently doing diploma in Electronics & Telecommunication at Govt. PolyTechnic, Jalgaon. I am a Tech Enthusiast, and have been tinkering with electronics since some years. I plan to make the smartest home which has ever existed which will help in each and every way possible to the elderly and the differently-abled, Although, It can be used by everyone.


Regardless of whether i get selected to visit the Google I/O conference or not, I will still keep working on this project and plan to complete it fully and launch the full product to the market within 5 years. 


Contact Details

Mobile Number : +91-7304074171

Twitter : @yhdesai

Email : yhdelectric@gmail.com

About Me

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